spring cleanse pea shootsA 7 Day Program to Revive & Rebalance from the Inside Out

Spring is here! It’s time to shake off the sluggishness of winter and awaken to the change in season. As the world around us brightens and energizes, our bodies crave a similar revitalization. This 7 Day Clean Eating Program follows my principles for Rational Cleansing, deeply nourishing the body while gently and effectively detoxifying the organ systems, and restoring balance to our internal ecosystems. Rational Cleansing is about harnessing the energy of seasonal eating, creating a mindful environment for more intuitive food choices, and learning simple and delicious ways to feed ourselves without feeling deprived. This is about nourishment, not punishment.

This 7 Day Program includes

-A collection of original, delicious recipes to satisfy and nourish you, whether you’re cleansing or not

-Detailed information on toxicity, detoxifying, and inflammation

-Tips & tools for dealing with side effects, cravings, meal planning, and every day life while cleansing

-A complete chart of what foods to eat and what to avoid while cleansing

-Kitchen-based supplements to support immunity, detoxification, healthy gut, and allergy alleviation

The best news? It’s only $30.

The program is delivered to your email as a beautiful, color, PDF so you can print it or view it on any of your digital devices. This is a self-guided program so you can start anytime you like. Rebalance. Revitalize. Put some spring in your step!