Core Program

This one-on-one coaching program is the foundation of my work. It is designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of what state or country you live in.


-12 one-on-one, hour long sessions over 6 months (2 sessions/month). Sessions are conducted by phone or video chat.

-Unlimited email support between sessions

-Customized recipes, meal plans, exercises and supportive materials based on your goals, needs and interests which we establish and prioritize together during each session.

-Detailed information on a wide variety of dietary theories, nutritional approaches and stress management techniques

-Give aways (within Continental US only)

-Discounted entry to any workshops or any group programs I offer within one year of the start of our work together

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In Person Package

The In Person Package includes all the features of the core program and more. This program is currently available to Lake Tahoe / Reno residents only.


-Each of the features of the Core Package

-Six customized meals, each one delivered at the second of each monthly session

-A grocery store or farmer’s market tour

-One cooking lesson (by request)

-A customized cleansing program

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The Partnership Program

Sometimes the best way to effect lasting change is to make changes with a partner. This program is designed for couples or even for roommates. Your individual goals may differ from one another but by working together you have a built in, live-in support system and can experiment, play and transform into healthier, happier versions of yourselves, together.


-Each of the features of the Core Package* with additional focus on how to support one another in creating new healthy habits.

-Each hour long session will have time devoted to individual concerns as well as to how you work together as a couple or team.

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Cleanse Support

This program is designed for people seeking to uncover food allergies or sensitivities, or people who are seeking support in working on a medically-prescribed therapeutic diet to manage a chronic condition or heal from illness. If you are interested in a seasonal Rational Cleansing program, CLICK HERE.


-An initial consultation and thorough health history intake

-Practical, user-friendly synopses on how to turn therapeutic dietary guidelines into actual meals.

-Weekly 20 minute check-in sessions by phone or video chat (number of check-ins depends on the length of the cleanse)

-Unlimited email support between sessions

-Supportive materials, resources, customized recipes and meal plans to help incorporate your new program into your lifestyle.

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What’s On Your Fork?

Have you been eating the same thing for breakfast for the past year? Wondering why you feel like you need to take a nap every day around 4pm? Or why you’ve had chronic head aches of late? Do you sabotage yourself every time you establish a “healthy” diet but want to get back on track? Stuck in a rut and craving a change? A food journal is a powerful tool for identifying patterns—ones that help and ones that hinder—in your daily routine, which effect everything from mood to weight to cravings to quality of sleep to energy levels. Even when we think we have “healthy” habits, the gap between what we aspire to do and what we actually do day to day can be wider than we realize. Often all that’s needed to see real results is a little tweak in behavior. The simplest changes to your routine can have the most significant impact.

For 7 days you will record what you eat and when you eat it, using a confidential, password protected web form that sends the data straight to me. You will also record any physical and emotional observations you make around meal times (eg, headache half an hour after dinner) as well as your physical activity for the day.

After the 7 days are complete, I will do a thorough analysis of your food journal, highlighting examples from your own day-to-day of what to keep doing, what to aspire to, and what to let go of. I will provide you with simple, effective recommendations for how to adjust your routine to get the results you want.

Recommendations may include, but are not limited to

  • foods to add into your diet and why
  • foods to cut back on or avoid and why
  • changes to how and/or when you eat, and why
  • suggested resources for exploring new types of food and food preparation
  • suggested exercise plans or modifications to physical activity routines

Analysis and recommendations will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your final day of logging your intake. You will also receive a follow up email to check in on how the recommendations are working for you and to allow you to ask any questions you may have about the analysis.

spring cleanse pea shootsA 7 Day Program to Revive & Rebalance from the Inside Out


Spring is here! It’s time to shake off the sluggishness of winter and awaken to the change in season. As the world around us brightens and energizes, our bodies crave a similar revitalization. This 7 Day Clean Eating Program follows my principles for Rational Cleansing, deeply nourishing the body while gently and effectively detoxifying the organ systems, and restoring balance to our internal ecosystems. Rational Cleansing is about harnessing the energy of seasonal eating, creating a mindful environment for more intuitive food choices, and learning simple and delicious ways to feed ourselves without feeling deprived. This is about nourishment, not punishment.

This 7 Day Program includes

-A collection of original, delicious recipes to satisfy and nourish you, whether you’re cleansing or not

-Detailed information on toxicity, detoxifying, and inflammation

-Tips & tools for dealing with side effects, cravings, meal planning, and every day life while cleansing

-A complete chart of what foods to eat and what to avoid while cleansing

-Kitchen-based supplements to support immunity, detoxification, healthy gut, and allergy alleviation

The best news? It’s only $30.

The program is delivered to your email as a beautiful, color, PDF so you can print it or view it on any of your digital devices. This is a self-guided program so you can start anytime you like. Rebalance. Revitalize. Put some spring in your step!