refinery29 holistic health coach recipes

I was born in the early 80’s, which means I grew up right in the middle of the “diet food” craze. This was the era of weight loss and health through margarine, low fat diets, and calorie counting. Well, a fat lot of good that did us! (pun intended). It turns out that eating low fat, high carbohydrate diets actually made us sicker and fatter, and that replacing natural, grass fed butter with the transfats that keep margarine spreadable, was by far the greater evil. I’ve never been one for cutting fats or calorie counting. Fat is largely responsible for carrying flavor, and without fat, our meals don’t taste as good and they certainly don’t keep us satisfied.

The editors at Refinery29 asked me to put together some of my favorite summer recipes. These fresh, seasonal dishes are simple to prepare, big on flavor, and emphasize high quality fats from whole food sources. Check out the whole article and get the recipes here!

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