Food nourishes us. But food alone is not enough. Our minds and spirits need as much nourishment as our physical bodies in order for us to lead healthy and happy lives. Nourishment can come in many forms: a walk in the evening with a friend; a lovingly prepared meal; a good book; anything you make with your own two hands.

Stress and guilt are the enemies of health and happiness. Our emotions have an equally important effect on our health as the quality of the food we eat. How do you deal with stress? Are the relationships in your life supportive ones? Do you love your work? Cultivating a healthy emotional life alongside a nourishing, whole foods-based way of eating will elevate you to your most vibrant self.

You are unique. There is no one diet or lifestyle that works for every person. Too often, when we attempt to adopt someone else’s rules and regimens we are left feeling depleted, unsuccessful, and disappointed. As your Holistic Health Coach I will guide and support you in cultivating a way of eating and a way of life that work specifically for you. Together we will consider the unique messages you receive from your body, your personal tastes, family customs, ancestry, geographical location, medical history and more. There are many roads to health. Walk your own path.

Get Results

  • Restore your energy
  • Clear mental fog
  • Lighten and brighten your body
  • Learn how to shop for and prepare healthy meals
  • Adopt simple practices to reduce stress and cultivate balance
  • Create or hone an exercise program
  • Optimize your diet for athletic training
  • Identify food allergies or sensitivities
  • Eliminate yo-yo dieting
  • Demystify cleansing
  • Deconstruct cravings
  • Free yourself from emotional eating
  • Heal your relationship with your body
  • Create healthy patterns and habits that are sustainable even in times of stress or transition

Who Hires a Health Coach?

I work with all kinds of people who come to me for a wide variety of reasons. My clients–to name a few– include students, athletes, workaholics, yoga teachers, Forbes 500 CEOs, emotional eaters, lawyers, hospitality industry employees, advertising executives, full time moms, overachievers, rock climbers, tech industry entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals.

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