21 Days to Optimal Health

Join Buckwheat To Butter for a 21 day, whole foods-based cleanse.          
This gentle and effective program is designed to easily integrate into your daily life while transforming the way you approach your diet.Maximize your energy, clear the fog from your brain, and dive into summer with radiant health.

Week One: Break Free

The first seven days will focus on jump starting physical detoxification. Along with learning new ways to prepare food and feed yourself, you will focus on breaking free from patterns of thought and behavior that may be holding you back in your life and that no longer serve you.

Week Two: Drop In

Now that your new eating habits are becoming second nature, we will greet the second week by strengthening the connection between the physical body and the emotional body, incorporating self-care practices and exercise to increase stimulation and efficiency of the body’s digestive, lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Week Three: Rebuild

By the third week you will be feeling lighter, brighter and more even-keeled. With this new strength and clarity it’s time to look forward. Now that you’ve made space in yourself and in your daily routine, what would you like to invite into your life? This week will focus on mindfulness and positive manifestations while continuing to maximize the detoxification process.

What It Includes

    • Getting Started Basics and Checklist
    • Color PDF with 40 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks + bonus templates to help you plan your menus and shopping trips with more ease
    • Email support every two days to keep you motivated and on track, including detox tips, exercises, and additional resources
    • Access to a private Facebook page for participants so you can support one another, share what’s working, and ask questions
    • An invitation to participate in a one hour conference call, mid-way through the program so you can ask me your questions and share your experience with other participants in a mediated, live, and confidential setting
    • Tools for reintegration so you can build on your new, healthy foundation after the cleanse and continue to feel like the most vibrant version of yourself


June 1st-21st, 2014


$225/person ($500 value)
THIS PROGRAM IS NOW UNDERWAY. IF YOU WERE ON THE FENCE OR JUST FOUND THIS OFFERING, AND WISH IT WAS HAPPENING IN THE WEEKS TO COME, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW . Based on interest, I will offer this program again later in the summer. I also provide customized, one-on-one cleanse support. For more information on cleanse support and other programs, please visit the Programs Page.

Sign up deadline May 30, 2014, 9pm PST

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