Not so long ago, we spent winters on the road. Each fall we would pack our little car to the gills and set off from Maine in search of warm weather and dry rocks. For six months we lived in a tent, roamed the country and climbed. When we dipped into cities to see friends, I was always struck by how many people asked us the same question: “How do you eat out there?” The short answer is, simply and well. When pressed for details we’d admit to eating for fuel, eating what cooks quickly, eating the same, easy-storage vegetables for months at a time, and eating cheaply. We are often in (food) deserts, sometimes in places where our cooking and drinking water needs to last a few days until we can drive the hour back to town, and we never have ice in our cooler. Too messy and an extravagant expense when on the road for so long. We don’t eat much meat at camp (never chicken), and by the time we get home we crave just about anything cooked in an oven instead of on a stove top. Once we are off the road I have a hard time recalling specific dishes we ate at camp, so on this past (much abbreviated) trip I tried to document some of our camp meals. I did not take pictures of the many delicious rest-day meals we ate here, and here, among other places. Nor did I document every single meal, because, as I said, we eat a lot of the same things over and over again. Once I am back oven-side I will get a new recipe to you. In the meantime, I hope this finds you all healthy and happy, safe and sound.

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2 Responses to The Camp Kitchen

  1. jenny says:

    I love this post. Simple and rugged. Especially the clementine cradled in a chalky/rock weathered hand.
    Cook away and snuggle in dear J.

  2. John Ames says:

    Jen where did you get the smoked trout! Pretty fancy!